Some notes on service and pricing...

Since every home and property are different, pricing is adjusted to reflect a fair value for the service received. We work hard to make sure our customers are treated honestly and not made to pay more than necessary to get the service they need. After all, if we overcharge, our customers would just be trading one kind of pest for another! 

We also use top grade. commercial quality, kid- and pet-friendly products which last far longer than the diluted, mediocre products found in home center stores. Our mixtures boast far more longevity and viability, meaning they last long enough for bugs to carry it on their legs and bodies back to their hiding places, nests, or source.

Our service professionals are trained, educated exterminators who have made it a practice to understand the habits and practices of the pests which try to invade your home.




Nesting Wasps

For wasps that are nesting on the exterior of your home and are reachable from the ground, we will take of them for you. Be sure that your technician is aware of them.

Wasps (New Development)

Wasps can be dangerous. For new developments of wasp colonies we are able to treat and remove the issue.




These pests eat everything from sugar, coffee and plaster to book bindings, paper, glue and even hair. Not harmful to humans but such a nuisance!




Most commonly known for the loud chirping of the male crickets that keeps people up at night. They are a very common food for other predators, such as spiders and scorpions. Keeping the cricket population down minimizes the draw of other bugs.




Though they don’t really crawl in your ear (urban myth), they aren’t fun to have around. Let us get rid of them for you.




Depending on the species, bites from a centipede can be very dangerous for children, elderly people and those with allergies to bee stings.