Got termites? Unsure if what you’re seeing is termite damage to your home? We specialize in termite identification and treatment.

Our Termite Technicians will help you find the most effective way to treat or prevent termites in and around your home.



What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites with wings, called swarming termites, look like flying ants, but with some notable exceptions: first, they always have straight antennae. their middle body is broad (no waist!), and they shed their wings on landing.

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Do You Have Termites?

The presence of termite wings, mud tubes, and droppings that a mud-colored and the size of sea salt are some signs you may have termites.



Termite Inspections

The only way to know if you have termites for sure is the have a professional come out and make an assessment.



Treatment Options

Treatment options for termites vary depending on the circumstances found in the home, but with products like Termidor and Termimesh, and yearly inspections, your home can remain termite free.