Common prey include but are not limited to crickets, beetles, and roaches. Stings are not usually not deadly in humans, but can seriously harm small children and elderly.

In the outdoors, scorpions like to hide under rocks and ledges. In the home, they're attracted to the inside of shoes, areas beneath a sink, the underside of a wet towel left on the floor, and the baseboards. Most are nocturnal and only become active at night, so it's best not to go barefoot.


Typical Scorpions Found in Arizona

  • Bark scorpions
  • Giant hairy scorpions
  • Arizona stripetail scorpion
  • Yellow ground scorpion
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Treatment Options

A fly swatter or shoe is the preferred method a homeowner will use to kill scorpions, but it's ineffective when dealing with more than one scorpion. If you have children or pets, you'll want a company who uses an organic, child-and-pet friendly product like Iron Mantis Pest Control.

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