Winter Insect Control

In one of our past blogs, we talked about keeping bugs out of the home during winter months. Today, we’re going to talk about pests which may have slipped in before you got a chance to do some of those proactive maintenance chores. In other words, things you can do to find the insects which may already be in your home this winter.

Clean the pantry

Keeping food areas clean and containers sealed goes a long way in not only keeping bugs out but also containing bugs which may already be hiding in your pantry. The other benefit of this pantry project is that it will lower the number of goodies which can attract pests in the Spring. So, grab a trash bag to throw out anything which is buggy or expired. Empty and wipe down the whole pantry, paying particular attention to nooks and crannies where you may be hosting an unwelcome guest.


Change your method of storage in the garage

If you find yourself the proud owner of many, many artifacts in your garage, consider adding storage cabinets or overhead bins to keep things. Garages are notoriously difficult to keep tidy, and there is a considerable segment of the population which no longer maintains their car in the garage because it’s full of their stuff!

Many companies now sell a variety of storage products. They can go a long way in fending off a garage mess, and therefore unwanted visitors. Proper storage also adds the benefit of making pests readily visible when they do manage to find their way inside your garage.

Landscaping chores

If you haven’t done so already, prune back any deciduous plants. Then do a thorough cleanup of the yard, so old leaves and branches can’t provide cover for insects. If you forgot to service your irrigation system, do so now when your plants don’t require frequent watering.

If you have a wood pile, try not to order a new load of wood until you have the opportunity to clean up the area where you usually store it. Keep wood off the ground with pallets or, so it doesn’t become a ready hiding place for roaches and beetles.

Home termite inspection

Termite inspection and treatment is especially important in the southwest, since our warm weather inclines them to remain active year-round, and not just during warmer months. So, having your home inspected and treated is a proactive way of keeping them away.

We hope that this has given you some ideas, thoughts, and options. As any military general will tell you, preparation and planning is an integral part of winning any battle. In your fight against insects, we are prepared to step in and help! Just give us a call.

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