Rainy Day Pests

One of the things which always amuses winter visitors is the propensity for Valley residents to seek the outdoors and celebrate the rain when it arrives. Even adults inform one another in public places we smile and look out the window to watch while others go outdoors and revel in it.


But, now that the winter rains are upon us, critters are making their way inside. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:


Termite activity is also escalating in response to our rainy weather. While the cooler temperatures and rain drive us outdoors, it drives termites indoors, where they celebrate our warm abodes and tasty wood structures.

They will also become more active around areas of construction, either demolition or building, and near cellulose-rich debris such as firewood. So, be on the lookout for frass and mud tubes this month.


Rodents will actively seek warm nesting places in your home and garage if they haven’t already. Roof rats have hit the Valley and greatly enjoy living in citrus trees, attics, and ceilings. Once they make a home in your home, you may only become aware of them because of their droppings. They prefer a vegetarian diet of fruits and nuts but will eat grain and meat, so keep food tightly enclosed.

Sometimes homeowners will find evidence of rodent nests when they decide to declutter their home or garage. (Thanks, Marie Kondo!) Sadly, cheap bait will often result in a dead animal carcass somewhere in the walls, so a visit from your favorite exterminator isn’t out of line.


As with termites, rain will get spiders moving, and their first choice is someplace warm--like your house. While most spiders are harmless, the two which cause the most agitation in homeowners are the brown recluse and black widow spiders.

While a black widow spider is technically more poisonous than a brown recluse spider, the quantity of venom it can inject is too small to be of consequence. A brown recluse bite, on the other hand, can cause a skin boil and necrotizing tissue--but not right away. You will probably not even realize you’ve been bitten, but if it happens, saving the specimen is a good idea.

The others, such as daddy longlegs, wolf spiders, are moderately harmless. Even tarantulas are timid unless violently disturbed.

If the winter rains have flushed pests into your home or living area, give us a call. Many of the rainy day pests are the more destructive types, so ridding your home of them should be considered a priority. You can enjoy the rain just as well without them.

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