Keeping Pests Out of Your Home in Winter

Pests which have enjoyed the bounty of sunshine and warm weather we had over the summer are finally starting to realize that winter is coming! As a result, they’re doing the next best thing to hibernating, which is taking refuge in our homes and garages. Rather than suffer the unwanted attention of these pests, homeowners are gathering up some necessary tools to keep pests out this winter. It’s a kind of preventative pest control.

Today we’re going to review some of the ways you can keep pests out of your home this winter.



Bugs love to sneak in tiny spaces. An American cockroach can flatten itself down to the thinness of a quarter or even less. So, caulking the cracks in your home will not only keep valuable warm air in, but it will also keep bugs out.


Weatherstripping is an excellent tool for insulating your home, but it has the added benefit of keeping bugs out. Feel for cool air around all sides of doors and learn how to install weather stripping correctly.

Yard cleanup

Rake up any leaves on the ground and around flower beds. Old flower pots, toys, and other yard detritus should be cleaned up and thrown away or stored. Put away the pool toys for the season, and prune the bushes and trees away from the house. Make sure that there are no leaks in the irrigation system or any pots, buckets, or toys which can collect water.

Don’t forget to collect any fruit which falls from citrus or other trees. Roof rats are especially fond of these. The same is true for flyers and newspapers.

Sleeping bat. Bats will never enter your home or garage deliberately.

Sleeping bat. Bats will never enter your home or garage deliberately.

Clean the gutters and eaves

Gutters full of leaves can attract roaches and other bugs. Be diligent about cleaning your gutters regularly. Be sure there is adequate drainage at the bottom, so water isn’t allowed to collect. Mosquitos love these little ‘ponds’ as breeding grounds, and they attract other insects and rodents in search of water.


Clean up pet food when your pet is finished eating and don’t allow it to sit, as it becomes bait for bugs. The same is true for pet waste, which can attract bugs if it isn’t cleaned regularly.

Our furry friends would never deliberately cause us grief, but they can sometimes be the bearers of extra friends. Groom your pet regularly, especially if they’ve been out and about or rolled in the yard. It only takes a few minutes and will make them so happy!

Don’t bring bugs inside

Trim shrubs and even grass away from the house.

Trim shrubs and even grass away from the house.

Remember that roaches love the glue in cardboard boxes, and may be hiding in that newspaper (or package!) on your doorstep. Get in the habit of shaking things up before you bring them inside.

Keep the garage door closed

Even leaving your garage door open a crack is enough to welcome unwanted visitors. Who hasn’t been driven batty by the sound of a cricket chirping in the garage? We always think in terms of bugs, but rodents and even coyote will seek refuge in a garage which is slightly open.

Coyotes are experts at remaining perfectly silent when humans are close at hand. Sometimes, a coyote will have and raise her pups in a garage, and the family will never know.

You can probably think of more ideas, but hopefully, these tips will get you thinking about ways you can make it harder for bugs to enjoy your home. As always, we are more than happy to come out and perform pest control services for your home, including bee removal, if necessary.

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