Mosquitos and flies can make life unpleasant. In addition to the west Nile virus, the dog heartworm virus, dengue, and the Zika virus, which are transmitted by mosquito bites, scratching a mosquito bite can lead to pain and infection. 



Types of Mosquitoes in AZ and Preventive Measures

There are several types of mosquitoes in Arizona, including the western encephalitis mosquito, the Southern house mosquito and the yellow fever mosquito. During the monsoon season, standing water offers a perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes.

Residents are urged to remove anything in the yard which might collect rainwater. Only the tiniest amount of water is required for mosquitoes to breed by the hundreds or thousands.



Type of Flies and How to Get Rid of Them

House flies, blow flies and face flies are just a few of the flies common to Arizona. The best way to control them is by screening, fly traps and the careful containment and regular disposal of garbage. Pet bedding, cat boxes and food areas also offer places for flies to feed and breed. Keep pet areas as clean as possible.